Horror of Americans were silent for years

Horror of Americans were silent for years

Saddam Hussein tortured and killed in center New York



Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in the center of New York killed and tortured. Once took control of Iraq , in his diplomatic headquarters in New York had a secret bunker and room for torture and murder. He made precisely in Manhattan built a torture room, which was well hidden and used to hold the Iraqi civilians who were tortured there, and some even killed.

In the basement, there are two rooms. One was an ordinary office, and one communication center, where they were accepted orders from Irak.All  this happened in the building located across the road from the house of Michael Bloomberg, who became one of the most famous New York mayors.



Torture room was equipped with armored doors, which was impossible to obj at and isolation of this room in the basement was such that no one could hear anything, not even the terrible screams of the victims. Here mainly been imprisoned family members “troubled Iraqi citizens,” and through them were blackmailed those who disturbed Saddam Hussein.


Some even were tort
ured by the notorious agents of Saddam Hussein, members of Mukhabarat that the victims Cornell them nails, beaten with cables and copper wire. If someone happened to succumb to torture their bodies amounted to the US with diplomatic immunity.


Corpses in mainly placed in the so-called diplomatic boxes, saying “This is a diplomatic consignment, no one has the power to open and view.”
After the fall of the Hussein regime in this building broke federal agents, which disclosed all of its secrets. Although the building was Iraqi territory, US agents opened all the secrets safes at her and took a lot of documents.


Today, Iraq, and building a new owner. The room of torture does not exist and supposedly converted into a kitchen.