Melania Trump support her husband

Melania Trump support her husband

Melania Trump stood up in defense of her husband about indecent comments about women


She dehenced her husband. Wife of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Melanie said that his obscene comments about women recorded on video tape are unacceptable, but that they “do not show her husband as he knows it.”

In his an interview to CNN, former fashion model originally from Slovenia says that Donald Trump is “guilty of child conversation” and boasts of relationships with women.


She, however, finds an excuse for such behavior of her husband, accusing the TV host Billy Bush for for whom claims to “forced him to be objectionable.

Trump’s monolog about women and how he easily won and what can be done with them, handled in an interview in the show program of Bush in the 2005 NBC has learned.In conversation show host Bush “opened the topic,” boasting that “could have any woman,” because it is a television star, and Melania Trump, therefore, she believes that her husband had been “set up”, claiming that Never in this 11 years marriage his behavior was not improper.


I accepted his apology

” In the recordings who have emerged, it that he speaks just does not befit and I am surprised by his behavior”, said Melania Trump on CNN. Although agrees that comments on women are unacceptable, she explained that it accepted his apology.


Such statements one their presidential candidate, although 11 years old sparked an angry reaction from many members of the Republican Party.


Dissatisfaction increased further after several women have accused billionaire from New York had he committed sexual violence against them,  he immediately dismissed the accusations.