Democrats angry at FBI: They break the law

Democrats angry at FBI: They break the law


They break the law. The leader of the Democratic majority in the US Senate, Harry Reid accused the FBI of double standards.


Law Broken. Democrats angry at FBI: They break the law, should explore the Trump.Reid accused the FBI of double standards because their agents have directed attention to the investigation of the emails candidate for president, Hillary Clinton. Although there is “explosive information” which may reveal the relationship of Donald Trump with Russia.


In a letter to FBI Director James Komi. Hill said that it became clear that Komi possesses information about the close relationship between the Republican candidate for US president, Donald Trump and his advisers, with the government of Russia.


“The public has a right to know this information,” Reed wrote in a letter to the head of the FBI.

Democrats otherwise previously suggested the connectivity between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. In the last debate, Hillary Clinton directly accused her rival Trump that he was a “puppet of Putin,” and that the candidate of the Republicans immediately rejected.

Meanwhile, US intelligence services concluded the that hackers from Russia are responsible for hacked emails of the Democratic National Committee.

FBI two days ago said it had examining the possibility of a new investigation. Because it have been found in private server of Hillary Clinton that could contain sensitive information. That investigation that was closed in July, is now back opened.

The disclosure of new emails of Hillary Clinton while she was US Secretary of State opens the possibility of opening a new investigation of the candidate. of the Democratic US president just days ahead of the elections.

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