Good News for Patriots Fans:LeGarrette Blount feels…. Read more

Good News for Patriots Fans:LeGarrette Blount feels.... Read more

Good News for Patriots Funs:LeGarrette Blount feels…. Read more

Good News for Patriots Fans :LeGarrette Blount feels like he could play for ‘100 more years’

LeGarrette Blount turned 30 in December, and that’s typically a negative milestone for NFL running backs. Blount is unfazed. He said he feels like he could play for 100 more years.

During an appearance on NFL Total Access on Monday, Blount said that despite his age, he has plenty of gas left in the tank.

“On that point, I feel great,” Blount said. “I’m in amazing shape. I feel like I could play 100 more years if I have to.”

First of all, the oldest person on record, Jeanne Calment, had her age verified at 122 years and 164 days at the time of her death. If Blount plays 100 more years, he would exceed that mark by over seven full years, which seems unlikely.

Secondly, and more practically, running backs typically don’t last long past age-30. Frank Gore, Darren Sproles and DeAngelo Williams are all 33, and they’re still playing, but those three are the oldest running backs in the league right now. The concept of a 130-year-old running back seems like bit of a stretch.

Blount, of course, was not being literal. He was simply expressing his desire, as he looks toward free agency, to remain with the Patriots.

“I just want to make sure that I go to this free agency with an open mind knowing that I definitely want to go back to New England,” Blount said. “I love it there. I love the culture. I love the players. I’ve become close with a lot of the guys.”

 Blount is coming off of a career season in New England, with 299 carries for 1,161 yards and 18 touchdowns, not to mention a Super Bowl victory. Both Dion Lewis and James White are under contract with the Patriots through the 2017 season on affordable deals.

The Patriots signed Blount to a team-friendly, one-year, $1 million deal prior to the 2016 season, and it’s conceivable they might offer him something similar for the coming season considering his productivity last year. Blount would be happy to stay in New England for as long as possible, even if 100 more years isn’t realistic.