Tony Romo left big shoes to fill

Tony Romo left big shoes to fill

Tony Romo left big shoes to fill

The Cowboys will start their offseason workouts this week and, for the first time since 2007, someone other than Tony Romo is expected to start at quarterback in Week One.

Dak Prescott is now the man in the saddle in Dallas and there were reports at points that Romo wasn’t thrilled about how firmly the Cowboys established Prescott as the starter after Romo got hurt last season. Prescott said on Saturday that all is well between the two of them, however, and that he still feels like he has something to prove in light of what Romo did in Dallas.

“Me and Tony, we’ve always been great throughout this whole situation, before the situation when I came in [as the starter],” Prescott said, via the Cowboys website. “So nothing’s ever changed. That’s something I’m very thankful were able to manage of keeping our relationship the same throughout everything that was going on. I hope he’s happy. He made the decision to retire; he’s had a great career. He’s got some big shoes for me to fill to try to come in and do a good job for the Cowboys.”

Prescott also echoed something Romo said recently, namely that the older quarterback has “some football left in him if he had that in mind.” We may not get a chance to find out if that’s true, but the Cowboys certainly hope that there’s a lot of the football they got last year in Prescott’s system.