Breaking news: Cowboys will sign with Defensive playmaker who can be explosive on returns

Breaking news: Cowboys will sign with Defensive playmaker who can be explosive on returns

Breaking news: Cowboys will sign with Defensive playmaker who can be explosive on returns

Sean Bass: Throw out some names that you’re seeing that could be a really good fit in this secondary.

Dane Brugler: Yeah, I think that’s absolutely what most people think … it’s going to be a defensive player. If the right pass rusher is there, then I think that’s the direction they go at 28. But there’s no question the secondary needs help, both at corner and safety. It might be a little surprise if they went safety. Then you’d have two first-round safeties in the last three years. I’m not sure if maybe this team values the safety position that highly, especially considering Barry Church was an undrafted guy; J.J. Wilcox was, I believe, a third-round player. I think corner is the position we’re looking at here at 28. It’s really fortuitous that the strengths of this draft line up with the Cowboys’ needs at 28. I think there could be both pass rushers and corners there that they’d be interested in. Adoree’ Jackson, the USC corner, is the name that I’ve mocked to the Cowboys the last few weeks. He doesn’t have maybe the size that Will McClay and the scouts traditionally look for at the corner position, but he has the length, in terms of the arm length. And I think that matters more than height in the eyes of Will McClay. Then you factor in that he’s a world-class athlete and what he can bring to the team as a return man. He can help in a lot of ways. I think Adoree’ Jackson would be on the short list.

Sean Bass: Could Adoree’ Jackson be on the outside and thrive there and stay there.

Dane Brugler: Yeah, I think he could. Ideally, as a rookie it’s probably not what you want. You probably want to start him off in the slot, sub-packages, where you keep Anthony Brown on the outside or Nolan Carroll, or maybe even Scandrick … push him outside to accomodate Jackson. It’s obviously a lot different than last year. At the 28th pick, there’s only so many guys that can step in from Day 1 as an outside corner. Tre’Davious White from LSU, I think he is one of those corners that could do that potentially. He’s a four-year starter from the SEC. A guy that can play zone, can play man. His matching skills, the lower-body quickness is outstanding in terms of mirroring the routes of the receiver and staying within arm’s length. At 28, you’re looking for the best possible player and that’s why I think Adoree’ Jackson is very much in play.

Evan Grant: If Adoree’ Jackson is the Cowboys’ target, what competition do they have for him at 28?

Dane Brugler: I think when you look at the end of round 1 … teams picking in front of them … you got teams like Seattle, they need a corner. Kansas City is a very strong candidate to take a corner. Then after Dallas, you have Green Bay. Twenty-six, 27, 28, 29 … it’s realistic that we could see four teams looking strongly at the corner position. And this corner group is a little different. After Marshon Lattimore, the corner from Ohio State. He’s likely gonna be a top 10 pick. After he comes off the board, corners two through 10, there’s no consensus. Adoree’ Jackson will be the No. 2 corner for several teams in this draft. But he’ll also be the fifth or sixth-best corner for some other teams. It really just depends how each team stacks their corners on their draft board.

Sean Bass: What do you think would have to happen for Jerry to trade up or down this time around?

Dane Brugler: It would be awfully tough, unless somebody they just actually love would fall a little bit, I can’t see them trading up. I think Derek Barnett from Tennessee would be the ideal fit for this team. Barnett … where would he have to fall to for you to trade up to get him? Now trading back, that’s a different discussion. If I have a chance to pick up an extra day two pick … if I trade out of the first round, but I have four picks on day two. That’s something I think they should heavily consider. You still feel pretty good you can get on day two, especially in that second round.