Who’ll do better in the booth

Who’ll do better in the booth

Who’ll do better in the booth

FOX wanted Tony Romo to replace John Lynch on the network’s No. 2 team. Romo ended up at CBS, and Jay Cutler ended up in the spot FOX had earmarked for Romo.

So which guy will do better in their post-football football employment? That’s the PFT Live question of the day for Monday.

The easy answer is Romo. He got the better gig on the bigger platform with the greater opportunities to work before major audiences. Also, people don’t seem to like Cutler, based in large part on the perception that he doesn’t care.

If that perception is reality, or if he separately doesn’t care whether people dislike him because they already do,  Cutler could actually be great. He’ll say things without worrying who might not like it or what they might say about him for saying it.

Romo, on the other hand, could be paralyzed by fear of criticism from fans and media and worry that he’ll be setting the stage for awkward production meetings. By getting arguably the best gig right out of the gates, Romo has nowhere to go but down. Cutler, who also ended up with a pretty good gig, nevertheless enters with low expectations, fueled by the consequences of his rebel-without-a-clue demeanor.

Cutler already is saying interesting things, arguing for example that the Bears shouldn’t rush Mitchell Trubisky onto the field. Romo, faced with an opportunity to advise the Texans on what they should do at quarterback during his conference call with CBS, punted.

And, frankly, neither Romo’s opening conference call nor his extended interview on a Dallas radio station included anything particularly compelling or interesting or humorous.

So it’s perhaps not as much of a no-brainer as many would think. Think it through on your own before checking a box, and then join us on Monday morning for three hours of football-only (or maybe football-mostly) talk on NBC Sports Radio (6:00 a.m. ET) and NBCSN (7:00 a.m. ET).