Breaking news: This quarterback is good backup for the Dallas Cowboys

Breaking news: This quarterback is good backup for the Dallas Cowboys

Breaking news: This quarterback is good backup for the Dallas Cowboys

After breaking into the NFL in 2012, quarterback Robert Griffin III looked like he would be the next big thing for the league. He took the maligned Washington Redskins franchise into the post season after putting up 3,200 yards with 20 touchdowns and just five interceptions. The dual-threat rookie added 815 yards and seven touchdowns rushing as well. Then a knee injury made him look completely different in his lone playoff appearance.

Entering his second season, Griffin looked a lot less explosive. His speed was there at times, but he was hesitant to run and it led to more difficult passes for him to attempt. From there, the behind-the-scenes issues took center stage as RG3 was pointing the blame for his failure on the coaching staff in Washington. Yet when that changed, his struggles continued.

That led to him winding up as the Cleveland Browns opening day starter in 2016. Injuries crept in again and the Browns were just 1-4 with him under center. Again Griffin needs work, but it’s becoming painfully clear he is not a full-time starter. This doesn’t mean he has no value at all.

The Dallas Cowboys are a team that should kick the tires and see if they believe that RG3 has some worth to them. At the moment Dallas is set with starting quarterback Dak Prescott, but behind him there’s some concern. Their primary backup is Kellen Moore, who has limited experience — and didn’t overwhelm when he did get on the field in 2015. Other than Moore, they have just two undrafted free agent rookies, Cooper Rush and Austin Appleby.

It could make sense for them to add a veteran to the mix with more time on the field than Moore, and Griffin could be the guy. Not only does he have plenty of starts to his name, but he can play a similar style to what Prescott plays, which would keep Dallas from having to change their system in case of emergency.

One argument against such a signing would be a lack of talent for Griffin. However, looking at the numbers proves that he isn’t as terrible as it would seem. For all his warts, Griffin has completed 63.3 percent of his career passes and has 42 touchdowns against 26 interceptions. He also averaged 6.1 yards per rush for Cleveland last year and had two rushing touchdowns.

Let’s be honest about something else, Griffin has never been on a team with the kind of help he would have in Dallas. With the Cowboys, he wouldn’t have to play hero ball as he would be armed with arguably the best offensive line in the league, the 2016 NFL rushing leader in running back Ezekiel Elliott and of course some great pass catchers like receivers Dez Bryant and Cole Beasley, as well as tight end Jason Witten.

Sure, Robert Griffin III will never be the star he once was. That doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be an improvement over the Cowboys current backup plan.