TRUMP OPENS UP 3 POINTS LEAD OVER HILLARY Donald Trump opens up 3-point lead over Hillary Clinton in new poll.According to Rasmussen’s “White House Watch”, which is at odds with most other polls across the US, Mr. Trump has 43 per cent support among likely voters while Ms. Clinton has 40 per cent support.As for the independent candidates, the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson has 6 per cent backing while the Green Party’s


THE SECRET WEAPON OF THE DONALD TRUMP Secret Weapon of Trump. Donald Trump in the final clash with the Democratic Clinton will lead half-brother of Barack Obama who is a great supporter of the billionaire. According to recent national polls, Trump trailing her opponent almost 7%  and fight for affections in swing states that would be crucial the final outcome.  Both candidates are faced with scandals disclosed in the last weeks

Melania Trump support her husband

Melania Trump stood up in defense of her husband about indecent comments about women   She dehenced her husband. Wife of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, Melanie said that his obscene comments about women recorded on video tape are unacceptable, but that they “do not show her husband as he knows it.” In his an interview to CNN, former fashion model originally from Slovenia says that Donald Trump is “guilty

Hillary goes down . Trump Up

Grow the advantage of Trump before Clinton   Democratic candidate for US president Hillary Clinton has four percent lead over its rival Donald Trump, according to latest poll by Ipsos Institute. whose results were published last night. According to the survey, conducted between 9 and 15 September for Clinton would vote 42 percent of respondents, while 38 percent of Trump. The research states that the the illness of Clinton ,because of

Horror of Americans were silent for years

Saddam Hussein tortured and killed in center New York   Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein in the center of New York killed and tortured. Once took control of Iraq , in his diplomatic headquarters in New York had a secret bunker and room for torture and murder. He made precisely in Manhattan built a torture room, which was well hidden and used to hold the Iraqi civilians who were tortured there,


3 REASON WHY WE LOVE TRUMP 1.Trump is not reliant on donors.   This cannot be overstated enough. Not relying on donors – especially not following the Rubio-model of huge support from just a handful of individuals is crucial. No one will own Trump.That true. Yet the Trump-attacking conservative pundits continue to scoff that he doesn’t have the cash to see this campaign through. This is an astonishing, frightening smear.